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I could hardly contain my excitement as I walked along the corridor, heading for the hotel room at the end. As I pulled my suitcase down the hall the wheels clicked against the wooden flooring. I raised my hand to knock gently but quickly let it drop to my side when I heard the murmur of my name on the other side of the door. I felt rude eavesdropping but my curiosity got the best of me so I pressed my right ear against the door.

Was Harry just confessing doubts about our relationship? Had I done something wrong. I heard the beginning of what Harry replied with because I was too lost in my thoughts. I felt my eyes begin to water but still insisted I carried on listening. I prayed no one came out of the room opposite to see me being incredibly nosey.

This is what I wanted to know. Me and Harry had been together little over a year and I thought so anyway things were going really well. Why would you want to go back to just dating? At those casually spoken words, I quickly filled with a sense of overwhelming betrayal.

My heart ached knowing that Harry had told his friends about his problems rather than coming to me about it so we could attempt to work it out. My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of footsteps on the other side of the door so I quickly panicked.

Pulling on the handle of my suitcase, I quickly turned around and headed for the elevator. To my dismay, I heard a familiar voice calling after me. Just as I pulled my suitcase inside the elevator and was about to press the button to take me to the ground floor, a figure emerged between the doors.

This is amazing! He stepped closer to me and attempted to place a hand on my cheek but I slapped it away before he managed to do so. I got a look at his shocked expression before I fixed my gaze firmly on my brown brogues, not wanting Harry to see my tears. Although my eyes were tearful I could still see his vivid eyes.

He always looked at me in such an attentive way that made me feel like he was searching my soul. I shook my head to escape his gaze. His puzzlement was cut short by the door closing and my descent down to the hotel lobby.Your eyes are rapidly scanning the words when you hear the sound of the door unlocking. You immediately know who it is because only one other person has a key to your apartment. Luke walks through the door, the usual bounce in his step absent.

bts imagines he calls you clingy

He sees you on the couch and he quickly walks over to you and sits on the other end. You mark your page before closing the book and smiling at him.

bts imagines he calls you clingy

He shrugs. He has no right to be annoyed by this situation. His face softens when he turns to look at you and he sighs. His question catches you off guard and you shake your head. Why would you ask that? You laugh emotionlessly, earning a confused look from him. His eyes go wide with realization and he quickly reaches over to your end of the couch and pulls you into his lap. He wraps his arms around you and cuddles your small body against his chest. It was just really early and Ashton had come over and woken me up.

I was grumpy and I said all kinds of things that I regret. I even called Ashton a twat, which he made me apologize for. I live for responses like that first one lol.

I love you guys. Thanks so much for reading the things I write and for interacting with me. Read Part One Here. A week has passed since you and Luke broke up and you still feel like absolute shit. You flip on your tv, hoping that the sound might distract you from thinking about you-know-who for a few minutes. Some celebrity news show is on, and of course their trending topic is 5 Seconds of Summer. You groan and almost change the channel until you read the headline flashing at the bottom of the screen.

Where is he? He would never skip a 5SOS performance, especially a really important one like this.

You pick up your phone and call Calum, hoping that by now they will have found Luke and reamed him for not showing up. Have you heard from Luke? I saw the news just now. You groan, assuming it must be another one of your friends coming by to try and cheer you up. You hang up and toss your phone to the couch before walking over to the door. You swing the door open and your eyes go wide when you see an extremely disheveled Luke standing on the other side of the doorway.

What the hell? He stays silent, and you can see where his eyes have been stained red by tears. You place your hand on his chest and look up into his glistening blue eyes.

Jimin imagine - He calls you clingy

When you regain your composure, you wrap your arms around him and hold his large body against you to try and calm him down. He draws in a deep, wheezing breath before taking a step back and placing his hand underneath your chin. I should have fought for you.The angry teen eyed him, thinking if he could win against Jungkook. If you want to keep the guy hooked, then you should not only let him know how unique he is to you, but make him love picking your brain and talking to you about almost any subject.

You're safe now. Hoseok is what you call a mystery. Looking up at his face, you found him not even sparing you a glance as he pushed you to the side and walked over to the couch where Namjoon was already sitting.

He blinked owlishly, it seemed like they'd had a hell of a party the previous night. But Calum has been getting more and more grumpy. It's the idea that too early in a relationship with a guy you start acting like you.

Scenario: Jin calls you clingy. Tagged: bts texts bts reaction bts scenarios bts masterlist bts drabble bts drabbles bts fluff bts cute bts angst bts sad bts smut bts jin Kim seokjin bts suga min yoongi.

Title : He is my neighbour. The whole BTS was dancing except Jimin. Annoyed look appearing on his face as soon as he sees you. When you arrive you are surprised to find Dean standing over two dead demons. Written for my dear girlfriend, who like me, is awful and loves mpreg. He spots you randomly while looking around the restaurant admiring the expensive environment.

He would love you all the same and respect that you were happy with the way you were. Originally posted by minyoongigeniuss. Oh no! BTS fans freaked out after seeing what appeared to be a sasaeng fan, or a stalker, in the group's live video to countdown to J-Hope's birthday!. The biggest party yet. What looks like bunny ears and red eyes suddenly appear as if from behind one of the shapes on his collarbone.He buys you a coffee, and you two catch up.

Teasing each other. Reblog if you think Choi Youngjae should eat well and be happy forever and everyone who thinks he needs to lose weight needs to fllyyyyyyyyyy into a volcano.

You knew you would not forgive yourself if you took him back but you were too much in love with him. Youngjae: He would joke around and be very playful. You thought back about the days where you would question him how he was doing or if he was getting enough sleep and rest.

I could hardly contain my excitement as I walked along the corridor, heading for the hotel room at the end. He Gives You the Silent Treatment. It broke your heart to see him like that. Parks, malls, museums, everywhere he wants to go.

bts imagines he calls you clingy

You sighed, calming down, deciding to switch things up. He eyes you warily for a moment, unsure if he wants to risk detaching himself from you at all, but eventually resolve seeps into his face. Namjoon has always brought you with him wherever he goes out.

Posted by: marshmallow. He will buy you anything and everything he thinks you like. Bts scenarios when he calls you clingy.

bts imagines he calls you clingy

In private, he was soft and near-clingy with you. Something about hearing his voice over the phone would be too much for you.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

What he knew was that the person should be able to trust the most had let him down, and caused his anxiety to grow. He turned around and put his phone in his pocket. You were had stopped doing exactly what he had told you to. You had been feeling sick lately especially in the mornings and you had cravings for food.Road trip ft.

— Hi could you do an imagine where you hear them...

Also, I tried do smut, but it took me too long so I wrote a fluffy one. If you like it, I can continue and post this smutty scenario, which I started:. Day like any others.

You came back from work, quite tired and hungry. For your suprise, nobody was home, usually Namjoon was earlier than you. In the meantime you sent some texts to your boyfriends. No response. You just shrugged your arms and went back to make your little meal which was a simple sandwich. When you heard closing doors, you went out of the kitchen eating your dinner. Is everything okay? I just wanted to spend more time with my girl. To be honest, I wanted to spend more time with both of you.

Did you text him? You both looked up at that direction, seeing Namjoon with hands full of bags. You just poked Yoongi and nodded toward Namjoon.

He immediately went to him and took half of those bags. They knew really well you loved travelling and road trips would have became your dailiness if you had enough time for this. You smiled widely and went to Yoongi, kissing him in the lips. Then you went to Namjoon and hugged him tight, giving him long kiss. They just smiled to each other and made their way to doors. When you finally were ready, all of you left the house and went towards the car. When boys were packing all the things to the boot, you took your seat in the front.

Namjoon sat on the backseat and Yoongi drove. Streets became emptier and emptier and you just admired beautiful view of sun which slowly started to set already. You sank in your own thoughts and the only thing you heard was deafen conversation between your boyfriends. You were there with the loves of your life, enjoying the weather and of course the trip.

Such a wonderful way of spending time with the most important people. You turned to Namjoon, who put his hand on your shoulder, smiling gently and you returned it immediately, connecting your hands together. Support and love is the base of good relationship.

Is something bothering you? Seeing that you were on hillock, you gasped in amazement. When you turned back, you saw open boot filled with pillows, blankets and snacks.Does he even realize how ridiculous he sounds for calling you clingy?

If he doesn't get how stereotypical and rude he's being, then He's sexist AF. The moment you shut your car door the tears that you had tried to hold in began to fall, resting your head on your driving wheel you sat and cried. Originally posted by helloangiemccartney. So you made rules, and he was not okay with it at the start. You had been pregnant for 16 weeks now, with twins even, and you were definitely. If your boyfriend is consistently clingy, then it's possible that he has unresolved emotional issues.

You can see in this videos that they love each other. The only thing you wanted to do right now was get away from him, but it seemed that no matter how far you got from him he would just appear right behind you again. They call you clingy Pt. He revealed that Yoongi is the closest to his heart and he is the source of his strength. He always saw you with your doggo. When he would get home with Jungkook, he would get his reward from you and Jungkook.

See more ideas about Bts scenarios, Bts, Bts funny. I've been on dates before where, almost instantly, I know I want to see him again.

Cried because you were too clingy. Bts reaction to you being a brat. The sparkling smile on your face was what first attracted him to you. There he was, laying on the floor, having a panic attack. Originally posted by sugaglos. He has a bad dream about you. Thanks for requesting! Bts scenario he bullies you tumblr Bts scenario he bullies you tumblr. In the end you two would talk for hours and he would feel like he was having fun again. Bts angst he calls you annoying tumblr Bts angst he calls you annoying tumblr.

When you visit any website, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. Motionless In White - Another Life. A story about two strangers who meet each other in their dreams. Suga will have to enlist by at the latest the same year Jin would return from hisfollowed by RM and J-Hope in You think of Jungkook as your father but you just call him Oppa instead of Appa. Throughout the day to waste time he would try to practice choreography or to work on some music.

The cross-genre. Jungkook nearly jumped out of his skin and tumbled out of bed, bringing the other woman down with him too.Looking up at his face, you found him not even sparing you a glance as he pushed you to the side and walked over to the couch where Namjoon was already sitting. His body weight would comfortably be shifted on top of you, just enough where you could tell who. Yunho: My ball of sunshine Yunho will be just as giddy as you are.

You stepped in the living room. You sighed, calming down, deciding to switch things up. Genre: Angst Word count: 3, He tried to walk towards you and you flinched, your sobs getting louder. Yandere Bts reaction to you trying to escape them. You can rap fluff Admin Cas. He turned around and put his phone in his pocket. This was not good, especially considering he would have to have the shirt dry in five minutes in order to arrive exactly on time for the dinner.

You and your boyfriend Baekhyun were currently lounging around on your sofa trying to decide on what to have for dinner, 'we could order food in' you said which made him shake his head, which was surprising considering that usually he loves takeout, you looked at him in a jokingly worried way 'who are you and what have you done with my boyfriend' you joked, which resulted in.

You felt heart broken. The moment you shut your car door the tears that you had tried to hold in began to fall, resting your head on your driving wheel you sat and cried. Onew picked you up and spun you around after.

You're tense, I can sense your fear. How dare she call herself fat because of you. When you two eventually made it to the bench, Taehyung had a full handful of flowers. When he pulled away he gave you a warm smile. You had been feeling sick lately especially in the mornings and you had cravings for food. Youngjae: He would joke around and be very playful.